For all stocks listed on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, trading is performed using time lags from among the price movements of each stock that fluctuate around Bitcoin.

Non-leveraged operation

No additional margin is required to place unleveraged physical trades.

In order to carry out physical transactions, the crypto assets themselves exist at hand.

Therefore, in trading, there is no loss, without incurring losses in excess of the principal.
However, the exchange risk that exists in any transaction cannot be known until it becomes the future.


No need to predict the future

Derivative investment, which is said to be investment and speculation, was the theory and common sense to trade by predicting the future rather than past data.

This zero-leverage system trades funds as real cryptocurrencies, makes no predictions and bases trades on the current price of all crypto assets.Therefore, there is no drawdown(retrograde), which is a risk.

It is an epoch-making operation system aiming at safer operation.


Amazing programming

The profit in one transaction is about USD0.01 to USD0.3.

Tens of thousands of transactions are made every day.


365 days operation

Since the transaction is for crypto assets, it can be traded every day throughout the year.


Crypto-asset base

Profits are always exchanged into stablecoins, minimizing the risk of large fluctuations in crypto assets.


Maximum performance

It is possible to demonstrate stable performance by operating with funds of 3 million dollars or more.

Combined with all the stocks listed on Binance, hundreds of thousands of trades are possible, and if you calculate the value to maximize investment opportunities, you will need more than $ 3 million.


Period6/29/24 - 7/26/24

Total Yield0.453 %

Total Income22.6625 USDT

Date Balance Yield Income
7/13/24 5,000:USDT 0.0231 % 1.155:USDT
7/12/24 5,000:USDT 0.0364 % 1.82:USDT
7/11/24 5,000:USDT 0.0231 % 1.155:USDT
7/10/24 5,000:USDT 0.0259 % 1.295:USDT
7/9/24 5,000:USDT 0.0273 % 1.365:USDT
7/8/24 5,000:USDT 0.0959 % 4.795:USDT
7/7/24 5,000:USDT 0.01645 % 0.8225:USDT
7/6/24 5,000:USDT 0.03605 % 1.8025:USDT
7/5/24 5,000:USDT 0.05285 % 2.6425:USDT
7/3/24 5,000:USDT 0.0518 % 2.59:USDT
7/2/24 5,000:USDT 0.01295 % 0.6475:USDT
7/1/24 5,000:USDT 0.01645 % 0.8225:USDT
6/30/24 5,000:USDT 0.01645 % 0.8225:USDT
6/29/24 5,000:USDT 0.01855 % 0.9275:USDT